Glamour. Individualism. Hedonism.

Valentino is one of those historical fashion houses, founded in 1960 by the Legend Valentino Garavani, that spoke to women and touched them through femininity and romance. 58 years later, it still excels in novelty. Novelty is the past, if discovered to remain in present times. The gaze traces the path; the eye detects and connects. 

Very Valentino.

This Fall 2018 collection persists on the values that have defined a decisive moment of the Maison, today. Throughout this collection, you can see an exploration of the iconographies of the Maison’s archive: the tiger from 1967, the dragon from 1968, the snake from 1971.

The looks didn’t need any explanation, they expressed and affirmed themselves. They give the woman in them a sense of power like no other. Combined with the house’s signature romantic style with clubbing as a frame.

A Valentino Fall collection cannot be done without fur and heavy jackets, dresses and boots, and flowy feminine ballgowns. Embroideries also marked their place down jackets created in collaboration with Moncler.

Valentino pieces are personal and liberating while seizing every moment. Both amusing and surprising, it will give you a spontaneous glamour! #ValentinoFall18


Moncler is a famous Italian apparel brand founded in 1952 by René Ramillon, well-known for its down jackets and sportswear.

The two empires collaborated for the Fall/Winter 18-19 collection, under the Creative Direction of Pierpaolo Piccioli,

It was presented in New York on the 10th of January 2018, with two down jackets that have been created that convey the two important themes of the collection.

The menswear items will be revealed in Paris, on the 17th of January 2018,

in occasion of the Men’s Fall / Winter 18 -19 Show.

The items created from the collaboration between Moncler and Valentino will be on sale exclusively in 65 worldwide Valentino boutiques and on starting from the end of August 2018.

Can it get any better?

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