5 Hit Bags You’ll Definitely Need this Fall/Winter!

Winter is finally here, with its hot beverages, indulging sweets, and amazing fashion pieces straight from the runway, all here to help us fight the cold weather. And what about fall/winter bags trends? you have to start shelving your beach bags and let winter shopping be your highlight. We have for you here, the hit bags of this season from Lana’s closet.

  • Micro Mini Bags

You might think they won’t fit your important stuff, but these little game changers are here for your essentials while carrying the cutest kind of purse.

  • Belt Bags

This isn’t what was around in the ’80s. They are chic and taking over the runways worldwide. What distinguishes them is that they are equally functional and fashionable.

  • Oversized Bags

The bigger the better this season, if you’re traveling or shopping, there’s a place for everything you need and you never have to sacrifice being chic and functional at the same time.

  • Textured Bags

Featuring velvets, fur and shearling finishes, and croc-embossed. Now, you can make a statement just by wearing one of these that could transform any outfit.

  • Clutches

If you’re going out in the daytime or heading to a party at night, clutches are making a huge comeback in 2017 from different high-end brands to suit every style. They’re a very worthy investment.

Don’t forget to accessorize your bag with the Lana x Fendi Charm!

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